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Albert Tucker
Gavin Fry

2006 & 2010

Albert Tucker is one of the major figures in a group of exceptional painters which includes Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd, who, during the 1940s in Melbourne caused an artistic revolution which influenced the course of Australian painting for the rest of the century. Gavin Fry's fluent study fuses the story of the artist's life with the record of his artistic development. He follows Tucker's course from a childhood overshadowed by poverty and family tragedy during the Great Depression, his travels overseas, to his eventual acceptance by the public and leading galleries in Australia. It records his important friendships with Yosl Bergner, Danila Vassilieff, Adrian Lawlor, John and Sunday Reed, and Sidney Nolan.


252 pages, 325 x 275 mm. Over 200 colour plates, plus documentary photographs



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